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New Vacation Conception; Tiny House

New Vacation Conception; Tiny House Today, we can say that people have changed their habits to fit the minimal lifestyle in every sense. Home life, possessions and even the environment have become as minimal and effective as possible. Along with all these, a significant change has occurred in our...


Minimal Life

Minimal Life With what the 21st century brought, people began to change and transform their lifestyles. In recent years, this change and transformation has become much more observable with each passing day. There’s no need to go back in time, actually, it’s the 21st century. At the beginning of...


Henna Night Organization

Henna Night Organization Henna nights are one of the oldest traditions of our culture. Unfortunately, henna nights have left their place in the bachelor party organization in our culture, which continues to Europeanize. However, henna night is a night that some brides-to-be or mothers especially want to experience. Generally,...


Most Preferred Boutique Hotels

Most Preferred Boutique Hotels With many things that have changed today, the concept of vacation has also changed drastically. In the past, big hotels with all-inclusive concept were preferred, while people preferred to spend their holidays sunbathing by the pool without doing anything, nowadays more boutique hotels, nature-friendly hotels...


Nature Hotels

Nature Hotels It is possible to observe a great change in today’s holiday understanding together with many factors such as global warming, individual awareness, changes in economic demands and wishes. In the past, especially families with children preferred to spend their holidays in five-star, all-inclusive concept hotels; they now...


Nature Friendly Hotels

Nature Friendly Hotels In the past, the concept of vacation consisted of luxury hotels or hotels in city centers. However, today’s holiday concept has a very different option. There are many options such as tented camps, bungalow houses, tiny houses, nature-friendly hotels and caravans. Many holiday options that families...



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