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First Marriage Proposal in History

While getting married and starting a family is the dream of every young person, few of today’s youth have the desire to get married and start a family. As a result of the fact that living together with the passing time has become acceptable by families, today’s young people have lost their desire for marriage. Despite this, many young people, mostly young girls, dream of the day they will get married and receive a marriage proposal. It is the indispensable dream of many young girls to be dressed in white, to have a legendary wedding, to live the most special night of their lives.

In our previous articles, we have touched on points such as what to consider when organizing a wedding, and what to consider when choosing a wedding venue. In this article, we would like to go back a little further and share with you information about the date of marriage and the first marriage proposal.

Before we talk about the first known marriage proposal in history, let’s talk a little bit about the history of marriage. Between whom was the first marriage known in history? How did marriage arise out of necessity? Let’s try to answer questions.

Marriage is thought to have existed since the existence of mankind. The most basic needs of human beings since their existence are shelter, food and reproduction. Because of this reproductive need, it is thought that marriage has existed since the existence of human beings. Researchers state that marriage varies according to religions, regions and kingdoms. For example; It is stated that in Egypt, the Pharaohs married their sisters, thus ensuring that the kingdom would be continued entirely by a descendant of the Pharaoh. It is said that marrying a sister was adopted by other communities in later times.

When looking at history, experts point out that divorce is very rare, and that divorce is not accepted by many religions. Over time, marriage and wasted situations begin to separate from religion and pass to state administration. And in these periods, divorce becomes more acceptable and legal. Divorce is now accepted by religions as well.

We briefly talked about the date of marriage. Now let’s talk about the oldest known marriage certificate and marriage contract. The oldest known marriage document in history is an Aramaic papyrus written in Jewish times. B.C. The papyrus, which is known to have been written in the 5th century, says that a healthy 14-year-old girl got married in exchange for 6 cows. We can think of the 6 cows mentioned here as a bride price tradition that continues today.

The marriage contracts are in BC. It is known that it started to be recorded between the years 661-332. The oldest known marriage contract in history was signed between Pa–igesh and Ta–ti–lyemhotep. In the contract; There are articles such as the man agrees to pay the specified amount of money within 30 days following the divorce, the woman can receive at least one third of the specified property, and the child will be brought up as the man’s heir. The names of the people who witnessed the marriage are written on the back of the marriage contract.

We talked about the history of marriage, the history of the marriage contract. Now let’s come to the history of the marriage proposal. It is said that the first known marriage proposal in history was made by the Jews. BC, which historians have The Aramaic papyrus, which is said to have been written in Mesopotamia in the 5th century, is the first written document of a marriage proposal in history.

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