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Minimal Life

With what the 21st century brought, people began to change and transform their lifestyles. In recent years, this change and transformation has become much more observable with each passing day. There’s no need to go back in time, actually, it’s the 21st century. At the beginning of the 2000s, people were accustomed to having more than enough of everything, in much larger houses, with much more furniture, and they were always in a rush to have more. For example; In a family of three, the father of the house must have a car, a car must be bought for the mother, and a car is a must for the child when he comes of age. Or it was necessary to have a television in every room so that everyone could watch the program they wanted.

“More of everything is harmful,” as our potential elders often say. I love the word. As the 2020s approached, the reality of this saying should have started to be understood by almost everyone, because people started to downsize their homes and reduce their belongings. They started to adopt a much lighter, much more minimal lifestyle by using the Danshari technique, that is, the method of eliminating possessions, which spread all over the world from the Japanese.

Since minimal life also eliminates unnecessary clutter, it causes a lightness not only in terms of belongings, but also in terms of inner peace. By removing the items that you do not use or that you have used once in the beginning of forty years from your living spaces, you can realize how spacious a living space you actually have. Often times, women especially find it hard to lighten up their wardrobes. There is always a thought of “maybe we need it”. When it comes to the wardrobe part, it may make your job easier to set some rules for yourself. For example, I will give all my clothes that I have worn less than three times in a year, or I will give my clothes that I have not worn in the last year. When you empty your wardrobe, you will witness that choosing clothes in the morning becomes much more enjoyable.

People have started to transition to a minimal lifestyle not only in the areas they live in, but also in their social lives and circles of friends. For example; When meeting with friends, there are many things that are ordered without thinking about whether to eat or not, and there are many things left at the end of the night. Or another example of holiday understanding; There is no need to go back too far, while people preferred to go to luxury hotels about 10 years ago, nowadays they prefer to spend their holidays in boutique hotels.

In line with the demands of the people, the business understanding of the hotels started to change and many hotels went to restructuring. In addition, many new hotels and boutique hotels were opened. Almost all of these types of hotels are located around the city so that they can provide convenience to their guests. Hotels close to the city have become very popular, as people no longer wait for annual leave to go on vacation as before, and they do not prefer distant places for vacation.

It is possible to talk about many boutique hotels, especially around Istanbul. However, in this article, we would like to talk about the most preferred holiday region and the most preferred hotel. Gebze region, especially Ballıkayalar national park, is one of the most preferred places by holidaymakers, as it has many alternatives for nature sports and has a unique nature for those who want to spend a quiet holiday. You can trekking in the national park, experience rock climbing or spend a quiet day by the water, according to your wishes.

Veqna Hotel ranks first in the list of hotels preferred by people who prefer Ballıkayalar National Park to stay. Located within walking distance of Ballıkayalar national park, Veqna Hotel is pleased to welcome you, our valued guests, with different accommodation options.



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