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New Vacation Conception; Tiny House

Today, we can say that people have changed their habits to fit the minimal lifestyle in every sense. Home life, possessions and even the environment have become as minimal and effective as possible. Along with all these, a significant change has occurred in our understanding of vacation. Today, holidays are held in small groups in more boutique-concept hotels. Even vacation periods are shortened. In the past, annual leave was expected to go on vacation, but nowadays, holidays can be made in the form of a few days’ getaways.

For short-term holidays, places that are close to the city center and can be reached in a short time by car are preferred. With the increase in demand for short-term holidays and nearby places, many boutique concept hotels have been built and continue to be built around many big cities. Especially Istanbul is one of the luckiest cities in this regard. There are many regions around Istanbul where you can have a weekend getaway and boutique hotels with very different concepts.

Boutique hotels are hotels with a smaller number of rooms, operated with the hotel logic we are familiar with. Apart from boutique hotels, tiny houses have also become fashionable today. In fact, people prefer tiny houses not only for vacation but also for living. Especially families with two people prefer to live in tiny houses rather than apartments in order to adopt a more boutique lifestyle. The tiny houses, which usually consist of an entrance floor and a mezzanine floor, contain only the items you need. Usually there is a double bed on the mezzanine level and a storage area for your clothes. The ground floor is designed as both a kitchen and a living area, and there is also a toilet and a shower on the ground floor.

We recommend that you take a vacation in tiny houses at regular intervals for a while before you become a Tiny House owner and move on to a more minimal life. Is life in a tiny house really what you imagined? Is minimal living really for you? Will you be able to have a peaceful and comfortable life as you thought? You will find answers to many more questions such as: If the place is positive after vacationing in tiny houses at regular intervals and finding answers to all your questions, you can get a tiny house to spend your whole life in.

We would like to talk about a hotel preferred by many people to experience life in a tiny house; Hotel Veqna. Veqna hotel is within walking distance to Kocaeli / Gebze Ballıkayalar national park. Access to the hotel is very easy from the city center. In addition to being so close to the city center, Veqna Hotel offers a holiday experience intertwined with nature. Veqna Hotel, which has different accommodation options, does its best for you to experience the tiny house at the highest level.

While living the tiny house experience at Veqna hotel, you also have the opportunity to experience nature sports such as rock climbing and trekking in Ballıkayalar national park. If you are not good with nature sports, you can have a pleasant time by reading your book in the resting areas within the Veqna hotel grounds. Each accommodation option offered by the Veqna hotel is exclusive to its guests, and all the services in the area where you are staying are organized just for you. For example, you can have a pleasant time in the jacuzzi in the garden of the tiny house where you are staying, or you can organize a barbecue party on the veranda reserved just for you.




When you go to a hotel with a tiny house concept, you won’t notice any electricity or water problems. But if you intend to live in a tiny house permanently. We would like to remind you that you should also consider how you will obtain water and electricity. Of course, there are storage areas in the houses that will last for a certain period of time. However, if the storage area runs out, you will have to fill it with water again. You can position the tiny house on a certain land and solve the water and electricity problem for good. If you wish, we would like to point out that the tiny house can be mobile.

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