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Welcome to VEQNA.

We did not just set out for an accommodation service.

VEQNA takes you out of the current city life …it gives you a holiday where you can sleep peacefully..

Since VEQNA is in Ballıkayalar, you can take a walk in the morning…we can explore nature together…

We can do yoga in the garden…or have a cag kebab party at the barbeque.

In VEQNA, it is possible to perform all kinds of activities between 20 and 300 people.

Marriage proposal,

Surprise parties,

Birthday organizations

Business organizations

Wedding and henna organizations

Trekking programs

You can organize yoga practices…

Or you can organize special events suitable for you.

VEQNA creates you a complete home comfort in its current place. For organizations, it receives support from its business partners on the necessary issues …

On the road map that Veqna started  with Ballıkayalar, VEQNA is advancing strongly and decisively to its goals with …Bodrum ….Çeşme ….Berlin ….

VEQNA didn’t set out to be just an accommodation system. We wanted to share the comfort we created in our own house with you.

For this reason, we share with you our own brand of perfume and after shave, our own coffee brand, towels and duvet cover sets, and our special pressed olive oil.

You can buy the products we have carefully developed online or during your visits.

We are always happy to host you…

Best Regards

Cemil Celik