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Privacy Terms

VEQNA ( is a Kadıgil Group LTD. Company establishment.

SSL protocol̈, encryption system (impossible to decrypt), 256 Bit secure site and 3D secure payment system are used on our site.

This Privacy Policy: It covers all users visiting and using and has been accepted in advance. The data provided to us directly and / or indirectly by the visitors using the website is mentioned below. These data are used in the appropriate cases as per the terms of the Rental and Usage agreement and Privacy Policy, and are not used outside of these appropriate cases.

Data Submitted Directly to Us: The telephone, e-mail, name-surname and other requested form information that you have submitted to us through the reservation form, contact form and/or other forms are stored by our company. These data are not shared with any real/legal third parties and/or institutions/companies for commercial purposes. The data you currently share with us is used to present you with the campaigns, developments and updates made by our company. You can only receive information about Villa Villam and Villa Villam sub-projects through the communication channels you have provided/specified.

Data Obtained by Us Indirectly: IP information, location data, cookies and other data collected in the background in order to provide you with a better experience are specific to only. These data are never sold or shared for commercial purposes, except in appropriate circumstances. You can make your cookie sharing settings on each computer through your current web browser. Cookie sharing is generally open in standard browser settings and our company only uses such data. There is never any unauthorized action on behalf of an external intervention or data acquisition.

VEQNA-Co Kadıgil Group Ltd. Sti. Users who want to change their existing information and/or remove the necessary permissions for their use by contacting us should use the address Based on the requests to be made through this address, it may be possible to completely delete the data from the system and/or completely stop its use for VEQNA. In such requests, the other party/requester will be responsible for customer/user-oriented interruptions and disruptions due to the data flow that may arise, and VEQNA-Co Kadıgil Group Ltd. Sti. will not be held responsible.

Reservation and Identity Presentations: The visitors of our company, according to the Decree Law No. 678, and the Identity Notification Law published in the Official Gazette dated November 22, 2016 and numbered 29896, before entering the villa, the identity card (Identity Card, Driver’s License, Passport) of all persons staying in the villa or apartment should be given to the company representative or is obliged to notify the person or persons determined by the company. For this reason, all users/customers who make a reservation from our company are deemed to have accepted that they will declare their identities for this data statement. The declared identity data is only presented to the relevant security forces / law enforcement officers.

We may share your personal information in the following situations:


  1. Where legally required;
  2. Regarding ongoing or potential legal processes;
  3. To protect, enforce and defend our own legal rights (including passing information to others for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction);
  4. To the buyers (or potential buyers) of all businesses and assets that we sell (or intend to sell), and
  5. If we have reasonable opinions that the court or authorized persons and institutions will decide to disclose personal information, if he or she applies to a person we believe can apply to the court for the disclosure of personal information.

Except as provided in this policy, we do not share your personal information with third parties.


Storage of personal information

  1. Section G sets out data retention policies and procedures designed to ensure that we meet our legal obligations regarding the retention and deletion of personal information.
  2. The personal information we process cannot be kept longer than required by the stated purpose or purposes.
  3. Without affecting Article G-2, we usually delete personal information that falls into the following categories, on the following date/time:
  4. Personal data type is on {ENTER DATE/TIME} and
  5. {ENTER ADDITIONAL DATE/TIME} will be deleted.
  6. Notwithstanding the other provisions of Section G, we retain documents (including electronic documents) containing personal data:
  7. Where legally required;
  8. Where we believe the documents are related to ongoing or potential legal processes, and
  9. To protect, enforce and defend our own legal rights (including passing information to others for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction).


Out of legal responsibility; NO IDENTIFICATION DATA/INFORMATION CAN BE USED either as a company or commercially!