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The parties to this contract; VEQNA is designated as Customer / Visitor and the parties are defined as specified in the contract.


Company; VEQNA

Address: XXXXXX

Fethiye Tax Office:

Tax Number: XXXXX

Mersis No: XXXX


The term includes, but is not limited to, natural or legal persons who examine, purchase or rent, purchase or lease services, rental villas, apartments, residences and workplaces or other purchasable materials published on our site.


Refers to the customer, for whom we offer our services directly on the website of real persons or legal entities through VEQNA or through them, or who indirectly benefit from our services through our sites, and who publish the advertisements of villas, apartments, residences and other services on our site for renting through our site. Customers are also people who rent.


The prepayment of 50% of the total reservation price for the villa/apartment/facility you have booked must be made by credit card or bank transfer together with the reservation. The remaining payment amount is paid in CASH on the day of check-in. If the rental price is in foreign currency and the visitor wishes to make the payment in TL, the daily sales price of the central bank will be taken as the basis.


A damage deposit fee has been determined for all reservations made. This figure varies between 250 TL and 2,000 TL, depending on the types of apartments or villas. The person making the reservation pays the damage deposit in CASH at the entrance to the villa/facility.

On the day that the guest leaves the villa/facility, an official from the company or the host/responsible checks the villa/facility, the damage deposit refund (if there is no damage) is paid at check-out.


Check-in for the immovables must be after 16:00 and check-out must be at 12:00.

Meanwhile, the remaining time is reserved for the cleaning of the immovables and the entrance of the next visitor. Late check-out or early check-in is allowed only where appropriate. Apart from this, the visitor has to exit at the specified time. In case of late check-out, the visitor accepts and undertakes to pay the losses that may arise from this situation.

If the company’s approval has not been obtained for the receptions after 19:00 (until 23:59), which is the end of the working hour, VEQNA has the right to request an extra 450 TL fee and an extra overtime fee. It is not possible to enter the villa without paying this fee. The VISITOR is obliged to match the arrival time to these hours before departure. (Entries after 23:59 are not accepted.)


All villas are delivered clean upon arrival.


Your special requests and requests must be notified at the time of booking. We would like to point out that the utmost effort will be made to meet your special requests and demands.


*The visitor accepts that he has read and understood the contract and is aware of his rights and obligations.

* The visitor accepts that there is no disproportion between the acts agreed with the contract, that the mutual acts are in accordance with the nature of the work, and that they do not have any inexperience within the scope of the transactions included in the contract.


* The visitor accepts that he has come to a full conviction that the transactions within the scope of the contract are in his own interest and that he will comply with all conditions of his own free will, without any difficulty or trouble, thinking, willingly and knowingly.

* VEQNA accepts that the provisions of the rental and visitor agreement do not have a feature that can be considered unfair terms, and that there is no injustice in terms of the balance of interests.

The provisions of this contract do not contain any unfair terms in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on unfair terms in consumer contracts. The provisions do not constitute a violation of the rule of honesty and goodwill and have been prepared in accordance with the consumer protection legislation.

The provisions of this contract have been prepared by taking into account the provisions of the Code of Obligations numbered 6098. The binding and content control stipulated in Article 21 of the Code of Obligations was made by the visitor. None of the provisions of this contract are foreign to the nature of this contract and the nature of the job (surprising conditions). The provisions of this contract are written in a clear and understandable way and do not have more than one meaning.


*All transactions related to this reservation are under the responsibility of our company, from the date of reservation on our website ( until the entrance to the villa.

* Provides repair or maintenance of any malfunctions (electrical failure, water failure, etc.) that may occur in the house as soon as possible.

However, we would like to remind you that there may be delays due to the very busy summer months.

* Our company is in no way responsible for the personal belongings of the visitors. Considering that there may be thefts in holiday resorts, we advise our guests to be careful.

* We recommend that you take out travel insurance. In cases where the belongings of the house are stolen, damaged or in similar circumstances, the police or gendarmerie investigating the scene will act according to the report.

* We would like to state that we will not accept responsibility for changes caused by war, threat of war, social turmoil, terrorist acts, natural disasters, health risks and severe weather conditions that are completely beyond our control, and we will not make any refunds.

All of our villas, which have a location in nature, are regularly sprayed. However, seasonally and due to their location, there are butterflies, insects, flies, bees, scorpions, ants, etc. in the environment. possibility must be taken into account.

Our company will not be held responsible for this situation.

That’s why VEQNA only issues brokerage invoices. A certain amount of the price paid by the visitor (brokerage) is income and VEQNA submits an invoice for this income.

Since the remaining part of the total amount paid by the visitor, which is not invoiced, is the income of the villa/apartment owner, no invoice is submitted for the remaining amount.

The owner of the villa/apartment pays tax to the government at the end of the year under the name of the rental income statement. Since VEQNA presents an invoice for its own income, it does not submit an invoice for the income obtained by third parties, institutions, individuals, companies, and has no obligation arising from this situation.

VEQNA is responsible for delivering the villa/apartment/apartment to the customer on the specified date and time, clean and ready for use.

If there is any broken, non-working item or malfunction at the entrance to the villa/apartment/apartment, VEQNA should be notified immediately by the customer and these deficiencies should be requested to be corrected.

VEQNA will notify this request to the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment or the relevant company and will ensure that this defect is rectified within 72 hours at the latest.

VEQNA is not responsible for troubleshooting, it assists in troubleshooting. VEQNA cannot be held responsible for failures not reported in a timely manner.

As a company, VEQNA acts as an intermediary between the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment and the customer, and therefore, the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment is responsible for eliminating any malfunctions that may occur in the villa/apartment/apartment.

Apart from this, any accident, illness, injury, drowning in the pool, death, theft, falling, etc. that may occur and are under the responsibility of the customers. and fire, theft, etc. that may occur in the villa/apartment/apartment. VEQNA cannot be held responsible for incidents and accidents.

 Apart from this, the customer’s travel, shopping, food, beverage, entertainment, transportation, travel, guidance services, etc. to be received from third parties / companies during the holiday, on their return to the villa / apartment / apartment. VEQNA will not be responsible for any problems arising from any service such as

After leaving the villa/apartment/apartment, the customer cannot claim any right or reimbursement for a service that he did not receive due to a malfunction or malfunction that VEQNA did not report during his stay in the villa/apartment/apartment.


* Smoking is prohibited inside the house.

* Pets are not accepted unless approved by our company.

*The maximum number of people for each house is stated on our website. Except for the people specified in the contract, no one else should stay in the house, and the visitor should not exceed the number of people specified in the reservation form and/or our website for the rented house.

* Visitors are authorized to use all belongings and furniture of the holiday residence they rent. However, care must be taken to use all equipment cleanly and without damage. Any damage must notify our company in the matter.

* Whatever the cost of any damage will be deducted from the deposit. If the damage cost is higher than the deposit, the visitor agrees to pay the excess.

*Visitors cannot transfer their rights and obligations arising from this contract without the approval of VEQNA.

*The user must protect the immovable as if it were his own property in a clean, careful and meticulous manner, in accordance with the law and general moral rules, and keep it away from all possible dangers.

*The visitor will be liable to the owner of the immovable in proportion to his fault, if the immovable is not used as its own property in accordance with the law and general morality, in a clean, careful and meticulous manner and in accordance with the agreement and agreement, and/or it is not kept away from possible dangers while it is left under the control of the visitor for the use of the immovable, VEQNA will not be liable in any way.

*The immovable will be used mainly only by the visitors and the persons specified in the contract. The immovable cannot be used by someone else unless there is a condition that people can use it other than those specified in the contract. Even in the presence of authorized persons, these grants cannot be allocated to third parties by the visitor for a fee. In the event that there is a condition stating that the people who are allowed to visit can also be used, the acts of the authorized persons against the provisions of this contract will be considered as a direct violation of the visitor.


The user cannot make commercial or similar gains by letting others use the immovable.


* Visitors should be understanding towards the neighbors around the used house and should avoid any behavior and noise that may disturb the environment.


In addition, they should not engage in any illegal activities (weapons, drugs, all kinds of smuggling, etc.) that are prohibited by law. In such a case, VEQNA reserves the right to evacuate the house immediately and without warning. VEQNA cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the evacuation due to the aforementioned reasons.

With this agreement, it is guaranteed that the house will not be rented to anyone else on the said dates. In case of disaster and force majeure, this contract will be invalid.

*The roads leading to the villa/apartment are broken, uphill, stabilized, wet ground etc. Villa Villam cannot be held responsible in the event that VEQNA cannot prevent it.

* Accidents etc. that may occur during transportation to the Villa/Apartment. In short, VEQNA cannot be held responsible for all kinds of negativities.

* If the different materials used in the construction of some villas (cedar wood, pine wood, some plastic products, all kinds of plants in the garden or inside the villa, etc.) disturb the customer in terms of health or psychology, VEQNA cannot be held responsible for this incident.

*Customers staying in all our Villas and Apparatuses will need a private vehiclȩ. It is the customer’s own responsibility to reach the villa/apartment. VEQNA will never, in any way, transport the customer to the rented villa/apartment in Villa Villam’s car. The customer may obtain a taxi, transfer vehicle or rental vehicle from third parties. VEQNA does not engage in transfer or taxi service, rented or leased from third parties.

It is the visitor’s own responsibility.

*VEQNA cannot be held responsible if the customer who has rented a villa or apartment is dissatisfied with the geographical location of the rented villa or apartment.

VEQNA Company has marked the location of the villa/apartment approximately on Google Map.

VEQNA cannot be held responsible for any damage to your private or rented vehicle during transportation to the Villa/Apartment.

*The bottom of the vehicle (engine, automobile, etc.) of the customer who has rented the villa / apartment is close to the ground, the vehicle’s engine power is weak, the customer’s car, engine, etc. Any negativity that may arise due to inexperience in using it and accordingly inability to reach the villa/apartment is the customer’s own responsibility. VEQNA cannot be held responsible for such or similar problems.

*Swimming pools are not heated unless otherwise stated in our Villas / Apparatuses. Temperatures vary according to seasonal conditions, VEQNA cannot be held responsible in any way if the customer cannot use the pool due to the temperature or coldness of the pool water. Before renting the villa/apartment, the customer can get information about the weather from the website or phone of the General Directorate of Meteorology.

Explanation about special circumstances:


All of our villas, which are located in nature, are regularly cleaned and sprayed for insects and pests. However, in this type of houses, which have a location in nature, insects, etc., compared to the villas in the center. more likely to occur.


Apart from the summer months, there may be new villa constructions in the regions. For this reason, it is likely that there will be noise around. Please note that in case of allergies you have to take the precaution yourself.


Pool spraying is done by the landlord or the person in charge. Pool controls and frequency vary according to criteria such as the type and size of the pools, but in general, chlorine removal and pool bottom cleaning are carried out every other day. These controls are usually carried out by the person concerned in the early hours of the morning without disturbing you. In the villas with a garden, garden irrigation and maintenance are also carried out by the landlord or the person in charge. This process is usually carried out in the early hours of the morning without disturbing you.


Before your entry, we send you a notification with the villa to your e-mail address. However, please note that many villas can be located in an elevated position within the village. For this reason, we recommend that you do research about the region before coming.


Most of the villas have an internet connection, but there may be interruptions and slowdowns due to the infrastructure of the holiday regions.


In some holiday resorts, water and electricity cuts may occur, especially during peak periods, as the regional infrastructure does not support them. Bir evde jeneratör bulunuyorsa bu bilgilerinde bulunmaktadır.


The pool of the villas, which we have mentioned as fully sheltered, is not visible from the surrounding. It is also suitable for our conservative families. The pool area of the houses that we have mentioned as sheltered pool areas are options that can be seen, albeit a little. Pool shelter is provided for the pool only. It does not mean that the villa or garden is sheltered.

Pictures and videos of houses:

You can find one-to-one pictures and videos of that house on our homes page. Some of our villas are located in the site and there are many objects furnished in the same or similar way. In such cases, joint photos and videos may be used. In this case, this information is indicated on our page. Photographs are usually taken with a wide-angle lens, so it may appear larger than usual. Pool dimensions are on the pages of the houses.


The deposit is a fee that is received by the landlord or attendant after the house check is done at the entrance to the house. Before leaving the house at the end of your vacation, the landlord or attendant checks the house. Unless there is any damage, this fee will be refunded to you at check-out.


  1. Applicable Law: The parties agree that disputes regarding the implementation and interpretation of this contract will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

(b) Authorized Court: GEBZE Courts and Enforcement Offices are exclusively authorized to settle disputes arising from this contract.

 All kinds of complaints and objections due to this contract can be made to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or the Consumer Court in the place where Villa VEQNA is headquartered, according to the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in December every year.

(c) Severability: If any or a part of the non-essential clause of the contract is partially or completely invalid and it is understood that the remaining provisions of the contract are enforceable without this clause or part, this will only apply to the said clause or part and the other shall not affect the validity or liability of the contractual provisions.

(d) Contract Language: This contract has been prepared in Turkish and signed electronically.

(e) Integrity of the contract and its Annexes and Amendments: The annexes of the contract will form an integral part of this contract and cannot be interpreted separately from each other.





Tax number:

Mersis No:


(g) Consumer Relations: VEQNA will make every effort to resolve any problems that may arise between the Visitor and Villa Villa, within the scope of goodwill and honesty. However, for complaints and objections, KOCAELİ consumer problems, which is the center of VEQNA, can be applied to the arbitration committee or consumer court.

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, the visitor does not have the right of withdrawal within the scope of this contract, due to the exceptional circumstances in which the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.

(h) Transactions made over the internet and transactions that are in the nature of declaration of will are considered as declarations of will that are binding on the parties in accordance with the Code of Obligations No. 6098, the Consumer Legislation and other applicable legislation. In accordance with the above-mentioned items, VEQNA cancels the contract without a refund.


The parties declare that they accept all contract provisions in advance in electronic environment.