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One of the most common patterns in our culture is to get married and start a family. After finishing university, you are expected to get a job, and as soon as you set up your routine, adults expect you to get married and have children right after. Of course, not everyone has to follow this mold. However, due to the way we were brought up, many of us are happy to be in this mold. Especially girls who take care of their mothers want to grow up as soon as possible, to be mothers and to be wives.

You meet the love of your life and receive the marriage proposal you’ve been waiting for and dreaming of. When families get involved, things get a little more difficult, especially during the wedding preparation phase. After the venue selection, we think that one of the most stressful processes in the wedding preparation phase is the choice of wedding dress. It may be a wedding dress model that you have dreamed of for years, but it may not be possible to find the model you want exactly. However, we recommend that you remember that you will not go alone to look for a wedding dress. Your spouse’s mother, your mother or even your sister-in-law, if you have one, and your closest friend may also want to accompany you. And everyone will definitely have a suggestion to give you. In the light of all these suggestions, you should calm yourself and focus on what you really want.

We would like to talk about some points that should be considered when choosing a wedding dress, but which are mostly skipped by the bride-to-be. First of all, your wedding concept should be an important criterion in choosing a wedding dress, so that most brides-to-be choose a wedding dress suitable for the wedding concept. The main thing that is skipped is what the wedding venue is like. For example; if you have organized a wedding in an open place in the autumn months and you want to wear a short sleeved or bustier wedding dress, it may be useful to be prepared for a light snack or a wind that can make you cold, and to consider a small cardigan, jacket or bolero on your wedding dress. Otherwise, you may have to wear your husband’s or father’s jacket over your wedding dress.

Likewise, the location of the place is extremely important in the choice of shoes along with the wedding dress, in terms of spending the whole night comfortably. In a place with real grass, you can spend a whole night with a thin heeled shoe. Instead, you can choose a white sneaker that will not be visible from under the wedding dress. Remember, you are the star of the wedding night, of course, it is extremely important to be stylish and compatible, but the most important thing is to spend the whole night comfortably and joyfully.

Another detail that most bride-to-be does not think of is how the bridal car is. You can say, what kind of a connection is there between how the bridal car is and the choice of wedding dress? Namely; Trying to get into a small bridal car with a fluffy, long-tailed wedding dress can turn into torture. Or, riding in an open bridal car with a very long tail veil may cause an accident.

If you are going to get married in the wedding hall and then you prefer to have a party with your close friends instead of the wedding organization, you may also want to have two different wedding dresses. Likewise, this situation is also valid for the bride candidates who prefer a wedding organization after the wedding. You can wear a fluffy, glamorous and flashy wedding dress during the wedding and then you can choose a simpler wedding dress that will provide you more comfortable movement for the wedding or party.



The list of things to consider when choosing a wedding dress can be extended much further. We are sure that you can find many items when you think about it, which should be considered when choosing a wedding dress. We mentioned that the first thing to consider when choosing a wedding dress is the features of the wedding venue. Now we would like to talk to you about Veqna Hotel, one of the most preferred venues by new couples who want to organize a boutique wedding.

Veqna Hotel is located in Gebze / Ballıkayalar. You can think of it as a tiny house concept hotel or a boutique hotel. With the different wedding packages, it offers for new couples, Veqna Hotel does its best to make you spend the most special night of your life perfectly. At the same time, Veqna hotel, which offers the opportunity to organize weddings with accommodation, can be preferred by many couples for their honeymoon. The hotel, which is intertwined with nature, offers many activities in its surroundings. Apart from the facilities offered by the hotel, if you have different organizational ideas such as night cinema, brunch organization, dinner organization, Veqna hotel staff will do their best to fulfill your request.


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